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Dear Friends,

The City of Perth Amboy is delighted to announce the launch of our brand new website! After much of hard work and dedication, we have reached this moment of achievement. The new site URL is:

Our goal with this new website is to provide our visitors with a functional way to access the City of Perth Amboy’s services, programs and information.  Many of our heavily accessed pages have been strategically placed on the site to allow users to quickly locate information and our featured “search bar” allows visitors to browse our entire site with ease.

The new website is simple and gives better access to “Government” and “Community,” with megamenus that feature additional pages of specific content, categorized by topics and clear headers. As residents, you will find useful tools and material about city programs and constituent services directly on the homepage and throughout our website.

Amongst the new features, the site contains social media buttons for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube and our notification systems to help foster communication with the residents and visitors alike.  Additionally, our “events section” gives the opportunity for local organizations to include their public events on our NEW! Community Calendar.  Each department will be posting up-to-date content, helpful information and announcements on their respective pages to inform all visitors with the latest information.

Not to mention, our beautifully designed website highlights our waterfront and additional photos soon to be added will showcase the beauty of our entire City.

We have also developed and will soon be finalizing the launch of the Library subsite  for online resources about our adult and children’s library.

We hope you find the new website refreshing, easy to access (information) and most of all, the answer to all of your questions about Perth Amboy.  We also wish to soon launch our  simple “App,” and our “Visitors Sub-Site” in the upcoming season. The Visitors Subsite will include information about our historic sites, our Business Improvement District, restaurant listings, arts & culture and other attractions in the historic City of Perth Amboy.

For any questions, concerns, feedback or comments, please email us at

Thank You from All of Us at the City of Perth Amboy!